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Heart of Darkness:

(Found on the Back of this Book to the Right)

FOR A THOUSAND YEARS the Dark Lady, a sorceress of ancient Baghdad, has lain in mystic stasis, her mind imprisoned through the power of a legendary gem.

FOR A THOUSAND YEARS a hideous race of parasites has chafed at the wards barring them from Earth, and has labored to aid the Dark Lady who could free them.

FOR A THOUSAND YEARS the Servants of the Dark Lady have sought to destroy the mystic opal called ‘Heart of Darkness,’ to release their evil mistress into the world once again.

FOR A THOUSAND YEARS the Brothers of Ahmed have dogged the heels of the Servants, seeking the knowledge to destroy the Dark Lady for once and all time.

World Setting:

Set in the near future [10 years later from St. P’s game], the world of Dark Conspiracy is dramatically altered from today [from the world of St. P’s game] and is fraught with peril and challenges.

The Metroplexes, where most of the world’s population lives, are a blend of lawless gang turf and corporate fortresses ruled by men and women powerful enough to be above the law. [I will need to work on this a bit.]

The countryside is sparsely inhabited, its natives suspicious and violent. And increasing areas of countryside are turning into Demonground, from which few humans return.


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Heart of Darkness

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